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General Info - Global Labour University (GLU)

The Global Labour University (GLU) network is offering Masters Programmes in


  • M.A.'Labour Policies and Globalisation' (University of Kassel & Berlin School of Economics and Law / Germany)

  • M.A.'Labour and Development, Economic Policy, Globalisation and Labour'(University of the Witwatersrand / South Africa)

  • M.A.'Social Economy and Labour' (University of Campinas / Brazil)

  • M.A.'Globalisation and Labour' (Tata Institute of Social Sciences / India)
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on sustainable development, social justice, international labour standards, multinational companies and trade unions, economic policies and global institutions.


These unique global programmes are jointly developed by universities and workers organisations from around the world. They offer applicants with experience in labour and social movements an opportunity to acquire new skills and to engage more effectively in social dialogue, public debate, and policy implementation. Participants will analyse and discuss the challenges of globalisation in a multidisciplinary fashion from a labour and trade union perspective. A multi-cultural, multi-regional and multidisciplinary environment brings together students and lecturers from developing, transition and industrialised countries.

Women are strongly encouraged to participate. Applicants should, as a rule, not be older than 45 years old. The course language is English.

A limited number of GLU scholarships are available for applicants from developing and transition countries. Applicants from Germany and EU citizens applying for the German GLU programme can apply for a scholarship at the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.

For scholarships, the endorsement by a trade union is a requirement. Furthermore, the scholarship is conditional on a supplementary contribution of 1500 Euro from other sources such as the supporting trade union or another donor. More detailed information and the application form are available under the respective headings on this website.

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