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Programme India

Masters Programme “Globalisation and Labour”


Tata Institute of Social Sciences is recognized as a leading university in India. Since its inception in 1936 it has never limited itself to the mandate of a conventional university; rather it has worked for the promotion of sustainable, equitable and participatory development and social justice. The MA degree in Globalisation and Labour is one of its efforts to introduce socially relevant courses.


The onslaught of globalization and liberalization has been causing major changes in the lives of the people in developing countries in general and the working class in particular. Moves to counter these forces are present but at times weak and divided. There is hence a need to introduce this debate at a level that is higher than mere rhetoric and sloganeering. It is necessary to equip people engaged in mass based organizations such as trade unions, cooperatives and other membership based organizations with adequate knowledge at the theoretical, conceptual and empirical levels so that they can interrogate these processes and take stands. This course attempts to critically evaluate the social, economic and political processes influencing labour under globalization but it also lays some stress on workers in informal employment and their problems.


Closing Date for Applications: 1 April 2013

The next course to apply for will start in July 2013


For more information please contact programme co-ordinator Indira Gartenberg email: gluindia(at)