Workshop Programme 3./4. May 2007

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Thursday, 3 May 2007 Opening Session

Chair: Verena Schmidt, ILO

9.30 am Welcome by IG Metall, ILO and Free University Berlin

9.45 am Wolf Jürgen Röder, IG Metall:
The response of German trade unions to the challenge of globalising companies
10.15 am Marion Hellmann, BWI:
The strategy of BWI on MNCs: A coordinated approach to Framework Agreements, Company Codes of Conduct, Corporate Campaigns and European Works Councils
10.45 am Discussion
11.30 am Coffee break
12 pm Thomas Greven, Free University Berlin:
Global Rules and recommendations to protect workers rights
12.20 pm Discussion
12.45 pm Lunch
Parallel Session A:
Public awareness strategies of trade unions towards MNEs
Thursday, 3 May 2007
2 - 3.30 pm Session 1: Case study on the London Olympics Campaign (2012) and South African World Cup (2010)
• Background to the Campaign (Athens Olympic Campaign in 2004)
• Campaign Strategies for the London Olympics and the South African World Cup

Chair: Frank Hoffer, ILO
• Doug Miller, ITGLWF
• Dale Forbes, South African Municipal Workers’ Unions
4 - 5.30 pm Session 2: Consumer power (e.g. fair trade/ Forest Stewardship Council)

Chair: Mike Fichter, Free University Berlin
• Ingeborg Wick, Südwind
• Gisbert Schlemmer, FSC/ IG Metall
Friday, 4 May 2007 morning
9 - 10.30 am Session 3: Public procurement

Chair: Verena Schmidt, ILO
• Marion Hellmann, BWI
• Gisela Habel, BMZ
11 am - 12.30 pm Session 4: Living wage Campaigns/ Basic Income Floor

Chair: Christoph Scherrer, University of Kassel
• Gabriele Sterkel, ver.di minimum wage campaign
• Doug Miller, ITGLWF
Parallel Session B:
Organizing strategies of trade unions towards MNEs
Thursday, 3 May 2007
2 - 3.30 pm Session 1: Strategic organizing and mobilizing: Company networks and International Framework Agreements

Chair: Jochen Kletzin, IG Metall Bildungsstätte Berlin Pichelssee
• Kirill Buketov, IUF Moscow
• N.N., IMF
• Evgeniya Plotnikova, Institute for Comparative Labour Studies, Moscow (ISITO)
4 - 5.30 pm Session 2: Strategic hubs and sectors in production networks

Chair: Susanne Kim, DGB National Training Centre
• Valery Alzaga, ver.di/ SEIU Organizing Security Services in Hamburg
• Dora Zinke, DGB Berlin/Brandenburg
Friday, 4 May 2007 morning
9 - 10.30 am Session 3: Organizing along supply chains

Chair: Emilia Ghansah, Ghana TUC
• Felipe Saboya, Observatório Social/ CUT Brazil (presentation)
• Sarah Bormann, WEED
11 am - 12.30 pm Session 4: Organizing in a company

Chair: Horst Mund, IG Metall
• Agnes Schreieder, ver.di: Lidl/ Schlecker campaign Germany/ Europe
• Martin Bartmann, GMEECO (Requirements and Perspectives of the General Motors Europe Employees Cooperation)
Friday, 4 May 2007 afternoon Plenary Session
2 pm The way forward: Concluding Roundtable

Chair: Mike Fichter, Free University Berlin
Brief reports by students from the workshops and open discussion