GLU Alumni Representatives

On the summer school in New Delhi, India in 2017, the following persons had been elected as GLU alumni representatives.



Home Country

Represents Region

Gabriel Pinto Brazil Latin America
Christopher Schwartz Canada North America & Caribbean
Diyar Erdoğan Turkey Europe (incl. Russia, Turkey & Middle East)
Prakashnee Govender South Africa Africa
Alphonce Oduor Were Kenya Africa
Ajay Kumar India Asia, Australia & Oceania
Vishal Thakare India Asia, Australia & Oceania

The representatives are elected from one Summer School to the next. A representative can be re-elected once. After the second term he/she has to be substituted by a new representative. 



Representation of alumni from the region the rep represents (try to have contact to national steering committee and current students)

Solidarity Fund:

  • Decision on emergency cases
  • Solidarity Projects: The reps are responsible for the application process by regularly sending out a call for applications. Applications can be sent to the reps throughout the year.