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Selected Publications by GLU Network Members


Donna McGuire

"Analysing Union Power, Opportunity and Strategic Capability: Global and Local Union Struggles Against the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)"

in: Global Labour Journal: Vol. 5: Iss. 1, 2014, p. 45-67


Wilfried Schwetz

"Strategic Research: Die Unverzichtbare Basis für strategische Kampagnen"

in: Deter Wetzel (Hrsg.) Organising: Die Veränderung der gewerkschaftl. Praxis durch das Prinzip Beteiligung, VSA: Verlag Hamburg, 2013


Frank Hoffer

"First Things First – Social Justice in an Imperfect World"

in: Social Europe Journal, 1. April 2011


Edward Webster and Christine Bischoff

"New Actors in Employment Relations in the Periphery: Closing the Representation Gap amongst Micro and Small Enterprises"

in: Industrial Relations – 66-1, 2011


Steve Davies, Nikolaus Hammer, Glynne Williams, Rajeswari Raman, Clair Siobhan Ruppert and Lyudmyla Volynets

"Labour standards and capacity in global subcontracting chains: evidence from a construction MNC"

in: Industrial Relations Journal 42:2, 124–138, 2011


Sharit K. Bhowmik

"Legal Protection for Street Vendors"

in: Economic & Political Weekly, Vol XLV No 51, December 18, 2010


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Frank Hoffer

The Great Recession: A turning point for labour?

in: International Journal of Labour Research, 2010 Vol. 2 Issue 1


Christof Dieterle and Christoph Scherrer

Globalisierung als Herausforderung und Chance gewerkschaftlicher Bildung: Das Global Labour University Netzwerk

in: Bettina Lösch und Andreas Thimmel, Kritische politische Bildung.
Ein Handbuch, Schwalbach/Ts., Wochenschau Verlag, 515-524, 2010


Sharit K. Bhowmik

"India - Labor Sociology Searching for a Direction"

in: Work and Occupations, Volume 36, Number 2, May 2009


Devan Pillay

"Globalization and the Challenges to Labour and Development"

in: LABOUR, Capital and Society, Special issue, Vol.40, 1 & 2, 2007


Frank Hoffer

"Building Global Labour Networks: The Case of the Global Labour University"

in: Just Labour, Vol.9, Autumn 2006


Papers & Books

Saving The Euro: Redesigning Euro Area Economic Governance (June 2017)

by Hansjörg Herr / Jan Priewe / Andrew Watt

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The Right to Strike Struck Down? An Analysis of Recent Trends (October 2016)

by Edlira Xhafa

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Globalisierung analysieren, kritisieren und verändern (April 2015)

by Ulrich Brand / Helen Schwenken / Joscha Wullweber (Hrsg.)

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From Flexible Work to Mass Uprising: The Western Cape Farm Workers’Struggle (April 2015)

by Jesse Wilderman

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Pursuing a Developmental State Trade Agenda in a Neo-Liberal Context: Brazil and South Africa in Comparison (2014)

by Luciana Hachmann

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Visibility and Voice for Union Women: Country case studies from Global Labour University researchers (2014)

by Akua O.Britwum and Sue Ledwith (Eds.)

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Re-Framing Trade - Union Mobilisation against the General Agreement on Trade in Service (GATS)(2013)

by Donna McGuire

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The Food Crisis. Implications for Labor (2013)

by Christoph Scherrer and Debdulal Saha  (Eds.)

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Labour, Capital and Society / Travail, capital et société, Volume 44 Number 2 (2011)

by Devan Pillay and Lucien van der Walt (Eds.)




The Pursuit of Alternatives - Stories of Peoples’ Economic and Political Struggles around the World

Edited by Melisa R. Serrano and Edlira Xhafa, 2012

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Labour in the Global South - Challenges and alternatives for workers

Edited by Sarah Mosoetsa and Michelle Williams, September 2012

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Confronting finance: Mobilizing the 99 per cent for economic and social progress

by Nicolas Pons-Vignon and Phumzile Ncube (Eds.), June 2012

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The Orange and Yellow-Green Cooperation: The FNV and CUT Partnership

by João Paulo Candia Veiga and Kjeld Aagaard Jakobsen, 2011

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China's Labor Question

by Christoph Scherrer (Ed.), June 2011

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Trade Unions and the Global Crisis: Labour’s Visions, Strategies and Responses

edited by Melisa Serrano, Edlira Xhafa and Michael Fichter, September 2011


There is an alternative. Economic policies and labour strategies beyond the mainstream

by Nicolas Pons-Vignon (Ed.), June 2011

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Panel Discussion of Book Launch - The Director of ACTRAV Statement: 

Panel Discussion of Book Launch - ITUC General Secretary Statement:

Decent Capitalism

by Sebastian Dullien, Hansjörg Herr and Christian Kellermann, April 2011


Macroeconomic Policy Regimes in Western Industrial Countries

by Hansjörg Herr and Milka Kazandziska, March 2011

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Don't waste the crisis: Critical perspectives for a new economic model

by Nicolas Pons-Vignon (Ed.), (June 2010)

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