Programme Structure

Masters Programme "Labour Policies and Globalisation"

The course in Germany takes place at the University of Kassel (1st semester) and the Berlin School of Economics and Law (2nd semester) and is taught in English.

Students have also the possibility to study one term of the programme in Germany and one term at one of our partner universities in Brazil, India, or South Africa (however, applicants should indicate this already on their application).

All seminars mentioned here are subject to possible alterations.

1st Semester (Winter): University of Kassel

  • Trade Union Strategies in a Global Economy
  • Governance of the World Market
  • Advanced Research Methods and Writing Skills
  • Europe´s Role in the Globalisation Process *
  • International Labour Law *
  • Global Environmental Problems *
  • Environmental Politics in Global Perspective *
  • Migration and Global Labour Markets *
  • * Elective Courses

2nd Semester (Summer): Berlin School of Economics and Law

  • Economic Policy and the Role of Trade Unions
  • Organisational Development of Trade Unions
  • Workers’ Rights in the Informal Economy *
  • Strategies of Multinational Corporations and Labour *
  • International Institutional Economics and the Welfare State *
  • Gender & Globalisation *
  • * Elective Courses

The Universities will organise several excursions to trade unions and economic and political institutions in Germany. All excursions will be accompanied by faculty members. Guided Tours will be held in English as will the talks and discussions.