Massive Open Online Course on “Towards Decent Work in Global Supply Chains” (Compressed and Updated)

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What?This course offers a mix of video lectures and interviews, readings, online resources and exercises to gain both knowledge and practical skills to understand the main issues around labour and development in global supply chains and learn from successful policies and strategies to achieve work with dignity in supply chains. The course provides also possibilities to network with thousands of trade unionists and labour activists from around the world.  
When?You can attend this course and study at your own pace. Workload: 3-4 hrs/chapter
Where?Wherever you are, all you need is only an internet connection and eagerness to learn more
For whom?Trade unionists, labour activists, labour educators, labour researchers, NGOs, think-tanks, government officials and everybody else interested in the topic. Theoretical concepts are explained in an accessible and user-friendly manner. Thus, it is also possible to participate in the course using skills and knowledge acquired outside formal education.

You can enroll and complete this course for free. If you wish, you can get a Certificate of Participation for 29 € once you've finished the course. You can also get a University Certificate of Accomplishment for 49 € after passing the online exam, which is organized at specific weeks of the year.

If you are a participant from a non-OECD country or a trade unionist from an OECD country, you may avail of Global Labour University scholarships for the Certificate of Accomplishment fee.

In this course, you will learn about:

Chapter 1: Global supply chains: Main drivers and the impact on development
Chapter 2: Working conditions and workers’ rights in global supply chains: Main decent work deficits
Chapter 3: Regulatory framework for respecting workers’ rights in global supply chains
Chapter 4: Labour strategies for decent work in global supply chains

Course options and related requirements:

Certificate of Participation (29 €)  

For obtaining your Certificate of Participation, you need to:

a) Complete 80% of the video lectures and quizzes; and

b) Upgrade to Certificate of Participation by paying 29 € any time after competing requirement a).

Certificate of Accomplishment (49 €)
For obtaining your Certificate of Accomplishment, you need to:

a) Complete 80% of the video lectures and quizzes;

b) Upgrade to Certificate of Accomplishment by paying 49 € before taking the exam; and

c) Successfully pass an online exam.

d) If you upgrade for an exam, you will be given deadlines for upgrading and for taking the exam.

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